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Who We Are. 

LBX Immersive is an experienced team providing E³ – Education, Enterprise, Entertainment – virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) solutions. We sell individual products and complete solution packages that include consulting, hardware, content, device management, and training. Our goal is to support clients from start to finish on their XR journey.

Hardware Solutions. 

We remove the XR technology barrier by providing affordable headset leasing options for education and business enterprise clients. Providing short-term and long-term leasing options furthers our mission to make immersive technology more accessible. We carry a range of virtual reality and mixed reality headsets in order to meet your specific budget and use case. You can trust our team’s knowledge of what headset will work best for your needs.

Content Solutions.

We combine VR/XR headsets with groundbreaking content to provide our clients with complete solutions.

Making XR Accessible to a Variety of Institutions.

Our VR solutions include groundbreaking educational content. Through our strategic partnerships with world-leading VR content and platform creators, we can offer you asynchronous STEAM courses, synchronous campus classes, interactive lecture halls, code-free content creation tools, immersive field trips, and so much more. In addition to our curated list of content offerings, we have a software partner network that can develop custom content for your specific use case.

The power of using VR technology in education:

  • Transcend Spatial Boundaries. Students and teachers can come together to learn and collaborate in an immersive virtual classroom space no matter their physical location.
  • Equitable Education. Income and geography are two of the greatest barriers to educational equity. VR drives down the cost of educating students and makes geographical barriers irrelevant. VR content provides cost-effective alternatives to schools that may not have the budget to have a human anatomy cadaver lab or take students on a field trip to a planetarium.
  • Synchronous VR Classroom Experiences. There can be a fear that when a student wears a VR headset they will be disconnected from their teacher, fellow students, and the world around them. With synchronous VR platforms teachers and students are learning together and at the same time in the VR space. Teachers can take their curriculum to the next level of engagement by bringing in 3D virtual objects and fully immersing their students in the topic being discussed. Students can work together to create class projects (e.g. immersive 360 video presentation, art exhibit, etc.) in virtual reality. The knowledge and skills learned in VR can then be bought into real-world applications.

Many companies in the fields of medicine, engineering, design, and research are adopting immersive XR technology into their everyday workflow. Our solutions enable your company to work remotely, hold virtual events, train employees more effectively, create in a collaborative space, and learn in a shared immersive reality.

The power of using XR technology in business enterprise:

  • Immersive Remote Work. You can bring employees and clients together, regardless of location, in a virtual space that promotes collaboration and engagement. The rooms you normally use for meetings, work sessions, conferences, and corporate events can all be recreated and used in virtual reality.
  • Cost-Effective Safety Training. Employees can train for situations without interrupting working operations, handling expensive products, or being exposed to danger. Real-life work scenarios and environments can be created in virtual reality, so employees have the skills and knowledge to apply on the job.
  • True-to-life-accuracy. XR can offer true-to-life accuracy when it comes to designing 3D product renderings. You can cut down on the cost of building physical models and in-person design reviews. Potential clients can tour a VR rendering of an apartment unit before it has been built or sit inside a new car model and customize its features in real-time.

A new generation of mixed reality location-based experiences are popping up around the world. Companies with real estate, museums, shopping malls,  and event venues are looking to fill their vacant spaces with exciting immersive experiences.  Mixed reality entertainment offers consumers firsthand experiences that are current, visceral, and Instagram-worthy.

LBX is proud to work with innovators in education, business enterprise, and entertainment:

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