July 27, 2021

LBX Immersive Provides Virtual Reality Headset Solutions to the Stanford University School of Medicine. 

In April 2021, LBX Immersive leased virtual reality headsets to the Stanford University School of Medicine to be used in its first-ever Operative Neuroanatomy Course in Virtual Reality. Providing affordable and accessible virtual reality solutions to institutions of higher education is one of the core missions of LBX Immersive. 

The team at LBX Immersive believes that integrating virtual reality into more traditional modes of learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of course material. In addition to this, we believe that it is important to introduce students to the concept of virtual reality as it starts to become an important component in the workflow of many professions. Professional fields currently using virtual reality include surgery, pharmaceuticals, medical research, design, and simulation training. 

Through our strategic partnerships with highly experienced VR/XR content and platform creators, we can offer medical schools and programs the most productive learning experiences. It is possible to step inside a 3D model of the human brain through the ENGAGE platform “360 Room” or perform a cost-effective cadaveric dissection through VictoryXR Cadaver Lab. These immersive experiences and spaces enable students to successfully conceptualize complex lessons and ideas. 

LBX Immersive works directly with department heads, faculty, and students to determine the right solution for their VR/XR goals. Clients tell us what VR/XR education experience they’re trying to create and we provide a complete solution that includes hardware, software, and/or custom content, device management, and training. If clients know they want to adopt VR/XR into their course offerings but don’t know how we provide the expertise to consult and guide the process. 

Contact us to learn more about LBX Immersive VR/XR solutions for university medical schools and programs. 

About LBX Immersive:

LBX Immersive is an experienced team providing E³ (Education, Enterprise, Entertainment) virtual reality and mixed reality solutions. We sell complete solution packages that include consulting, hardware, content, custom content, device management, and training. Our goal is to support you from start to finish on your VR/XR journey.