• Medical Use Case: Healthcare Simulation

Varjo & Laerdal:

Laerdal is a global leader in patient simulation. The company has 1,500 employees in 24 countries developing products and programs for healthcare providers to help improve patient outcomes and survival.

Laerdal is working with Varjo to develop the next generation of immersive, effective mixed reality training for medical scenarios. This is in an effort to save an additional one million lives every year by 2030. 

LBX Immersive works with Varjo to provide hardware solutions that are ideal for mixed reality medical training.

With the Varjo XR-3 headset, teams of healthcare professionals from across the world can work together in any medical scenario, seamlessly collaborating and sharing their knowledge. The mixed reality simulation experience offers great visual fidelity and high immersion to ensure the strongest learning outcomes for each participant.

Key Benefits:

  • Visualize medical data or human anatomy in photorealistic 3D
  • Reduce cognitive load in education through immersive learning
  • Achieve better and safer training results with immersive simulations
  • Train and collaborate with other clinicians on real medical scenarios, transferring knowledge and improving procedural understanding before operations

Our Solutions

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