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LBX Immersive provides quality content and complete XR solutions to our education clients.


LBX Immersive works directly with the head of school districts, department heads, and teachers to determine the correct hardware and content combination for creating the most productive learning experiences.

We offer a hardware solution that allows middle schools and high schools to rent headsets on a yearly basis. Complete solutions can be packaged for specific classes, utilized for afterschool programs, or be implemented through your school’s tech/media lab. LBX Immersive created this affordable hardware solution to break down the barrier to immersive technology. In addition to partnering with a variety of virtual reality and mixed reality headset manufacturers, we work with companies leading the way in education content and platform creation.

You can trust our team’s knowledge on what is the best immersive technology hardware and software available, and how to package it together into a complete solution.

XR = VR + AR + MR

VR: Computer-generated stereo visuals which entirely surround the user, entirely replacing the real-world environment around them.

AR: Augmented reality is the overlaying of digitally-created content on top of the real world. Augmented reality – or ‘AR’ – allows the user to interact with both the real world and digital elements or augmentations.

MR: A mixed reality experience is one that seamlessly blends the user’s real-world environment and digitally-created content, where both environments can coexist and interact with each other.

XR: Technology-mediated experiences that combine virtual and real-world environments and realities. XR covers the hardware, software, methods, and experience that make virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, cinematic reality, and others a reality.

Why Use Immersive Technology in Education?

  • Access immersive lecture halls, classrooms, and student collaboration spaces
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics learning opportunities
  • Take students beyond the classroom with VR field trips
  • Next-level curriculum and classroom projects with code-free VR content creation platforms
  • Increase student engagement and creativity as they interact with 3D objects in a digital space.
  • Offer more effective remote learning
  • Endorse a holistic view of education through academic and social/emotional content
  • Prepare students to enter a tech-savvy world.

Content Solutions.

We combine virtual reality and mixed reality headsets with groundbreaking education content and platforms.

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The LBX Immersive team will help your academic institution deliver a curriculum designed for 21st-century education. Whether you have experience using XR or not, our goal is to guide your journey from start to finish. We will learn about your use case needs, create a solutions package to meet your goals, train you on using the hardware and content, assist you in implementing the complete immersive solution in your classroom, and provide ongoing device management and client support.

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