HP Reverb G2

The VR headset designed for what you do

Design From design concept to the showroom, create and manage workflows with better collaboration, reviews and experiences.

Training From high-risk safety simulations and maintenance procedures to soft skills like public speaking, VR enables 7X more retention than traditional lecture-style learning.

Gaming VR takes immersive gaming to another level. From deep environmental interactions to puzzle solving. World exploration to visceral combat. Now you can be an active first-party participant in the game you’re playing.


Display: 2 x 2.89” LCD

Resolution: 2160 x 2160 per eye

Tracking: 2 front-facing cameras and 2 side-facing cameras

Color: RGB Subpixel Stripe

Refresh rate: 90 Hz with recommended system specs

Eye adjustments: 64mm +/- 4mm by hardware slider

Weight: 1.2lb (550g)

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