Magic Leap ML-1

A wearable spatial computer

Magic Leap’s engineers found a simple solution to the problem of weight vs. performance. By placing the processing power on your hip instead of your head, Magic Leap 1 delivers the performance of a laptop computer in a device that’s light enough to wear every day.

Lightwear by name. Lightweight by nature. Lightwear uses nine different sensors to understand whatever space it’s in. And at just 316g, it’s as light as a pair of headphones.

Lightwear places digital content in the physical world with stunning clarity. It tracks where you’re looking so Magic Leap 1 can render objects at the appropriate distance, creating a crisp display that’s comfortable on the eye.


Wide: 50 degree field of view.

High-res: 1.3M pixels per eye.

Superfast: 120Hz. refresh rate.

Colors supported: over 16.8m.

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