• Training Simulation Use Case: Astronaut Training

Varjo & Boeing:

Varjo’s work with Boeing has ushered in a new area in astronaut training. With Varjo, the Boeing Starliner program unlocks an entirely new way for astronauts to prepare for spaceflight. Varjo allows astronaut training – from pre-launch to docking to landing – entirely in VR for the first time.

Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR devices ensure that crews can read instruments and mission-critical data from a normal distance, which is vital to effective astronaut training.

“Being able to read the crew displays with a VR headset from a normal position in the capsule was mandatory. Without that, we were really stuck – until we found a headset that worked.”

– Connie Miller, Software Engineer – Boeing

LBX Immersive works with Varjo to provide hardware solutions that are ideal for virtual reality and mixed reality training simulation.

Moving training to immersive environments saves time, enhances training, and can save as much as 99% in costs. Varjo devices can also be deployed in the highest-security training environments, as they support information assurance procedures and requirements.

Key Benefits: 

  • Reduce the cost of training
  • Increase training velocity
  • Optimize user engagement
  • Increase the value of existing part-task simulators
  • Read displays, controls, text, symbols, and distant objects in perfect clarity
  • Reduce travel time and cost
  • Train effectively for the most dangerous scenarios in a completely safe immersive environment

Our Solutions

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