• Training Simulation Use Case: Pilot Training

Varjo & Ryan Aerospace:

Varjo’s work with Ryan Aerospace has reduced pilot training in real helicopters by 40%, resulting in huge cost savings. Ryan Aerospace previously used consumer-grade VR headsets for helicopter simulation, but these headsets poor resolution made it difficult for pilots to read the instrument panels and gauges. With Varjo’s human-eye resolution headsets, pilot students are finally able to see everything in the virtual cockpit as they would in real life.

“One of the really important things is for the pilots to be able to read the gauges and instruments. If they can’t do that, the training is kind of pointless. That has been a big problem for us with VR headsets to date, but Varjo has been able to solve it.”

– Chris Ryan, Managing Director at Ryan Aerospace

LBX Immersive works with Varjo to provide hardware solutions that are ideal for virtual reality and mixed reality training simulation.

Moving training to immersive environments saves time, enhances training, and can save as much as 99% in costs. Varjo devices can also be deployed in the highest-security training environments, as they support information assurance procedures and requirements.

Key Benefits: 

  • Reduce the cost of training
  • Increase training velocity
  • Optimize user engagement
  • Increase the value of existing part-task simulators
  • Reduce travel time and cost
  • Train effectively for the most dangerous scenarios in a completely safe immersive environment

Our Solutions

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